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The Private Market Opportunity A Growing $3 Trillion Asset Class











All figures based on data as of the close of market on May 13th, 2022.

“Pre-IPO” return is calculated from the preferred share price of the final investment round before the IPO. “Since IPO” return is calculated from the IPO price.

But for the everyday investor, access to these once in a lifetime investment opportunities are far out of reach.

Today, the unicorn market is a growing $3.7 trillion asset class; however, the opportunity to be a part of this growth remains private, only available to a select few who have access.

Today, companies are staying private longer than ever before and achieving incredible growth, growth that would traditionally benefit all in a public market.

Over the last two years, pre-IPO investors have experienced tremendous returns. The everyday investor, however, has had no option but to wait until after the IPO.

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