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“Our goal is to provide the individual investor access to pre-IPO investments in companies that they never had access to before. We want to empower the retail investor with our insights and tools to help them decide if pre-IPO investing is for them. We give the individual investor the ability to buy pre ipo stock.”

Private Equity investments have historically been a tool used by some of the largest Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, and Institutional investors for a very long time. It has provided these sophisticated investors the benefit of higher than average returns compared to the public markets. For the longest time, only institutional investors were able to get access and invest into pre ipo companies due to regulatory and check writing abilities. We want to break down that wall and give the individual investor the same level of access and allow them to capture that same level of upside that comes with it. We have also seen a shift in the market where these companies are staying private longer which means that the potential return in investing in these companies are smaller when they enter into the public markets. There are thousands of private share investments available in the secondary market every year and we want to make it available at your fingertips.


What makes pre ipo investments some of the most highly sought after investments out there? We have found that this investment asset class has been exclusive for many years. Access to the few, leaving the masses by the wayside. Some of the biggest equity returns shown came from this asset class- no wonder why institutions have been investing more into this field. There is about $6 Trillion in private capital invested into this area over the last few years alone.

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Pre IPO Connect is a platform started by investors who sought access to some of the most lucrative investments such as private shares in pre ipo companies. It has been our mission to uncover the access and impower the individual investor and help them invest like an institution. Join our list of members to stay updated on news. Start getting access to pre ipo opportunities you’ve never had access to before!

Everything you need to know before investing in Pre-IPO Companies

There is a lot of information you need to know about pre-IPO investing before you get started. These type of investments by nature are some of the most sophisticated investments due to the lack of information on the companies itself. You need to understand the private marketplace before you invest in it. The private equity stock market operates very differently than the public stock market. Lack of liquidity is a major factor in making these type of investments. Sure you can argue you may see higher returns investing in private equity but you need to consider the downsides as well. We agree that a lot of the upside value in investing in private companies are still to be made but we advise all investors to know what they’re getting into. At Pre IPO Connect we agree that investing in some of these late stage growth companies can be some of the greatest investments a retail investor can make we just make sure your prepared for it. Our primary goal of this platform is to bring you value through information before bringing you access to these investments. Over the years we are proud to say that we have put together the best information available in not only valuating these opportunities but also where to gain the access. 

To get you ready to jump in we have compiled a list of the most important knowledge that every pre-IPO investor should know. Make sure to use this resource to make better decisions in the world of private shares.

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We will continue to keep our readers and investors up to date on whats going on in the private share realm. Understanding that this market is ever changing and growing at a rapid pace we will aim to not only keep up and have a leg up. We will continue to grow and develop this knowledge hub for the individual investor and gear you with the tools you need to make informed decisions. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and syndicate so you have all the news and access at your fingertips.  Pre IPO Connect will continue to answer any questions our members may have about a particular company or investment. There may be deal terms that aren’t understood, make sure you ask us so we can give you the right answer.

Over the years we have been asked tons of questions regarding investing in various private placements. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you.

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To get you ready to jump in we have compiled a list of the most important knowledge that every pre-IPO investor should know. Make sure to use this resource to make better decisions in the world of private shares.