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Our goal is build a Pre-IPO platform which empowers the individual investor.

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Since 2005, We have been providing investors access to some of the most highly sought after pre-ipo investments.

Pre IPO Connect is a platform where we bring retail investors up to date news on private equity companies and give them access to pre-IPO stock. We take pride in having a large platform of brokers and firms we work with that provide our investors access to different pre-IPO investments. We thoroughly vet every provider we work with before we ever allow them to provide opportunities to our members. We take pride in being the place where investors go to get access to private shares. We’ll help you get information on companies and then help you find shares of the companies to place your investment. We have been in business for over 15 years and take pride in the fact our members come to us year after year for our advice on different private investments. Above all, we are unbiased in our information and do not for work for any large organizations so you can trust our insights and access we provide.

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Connecting Investors With Latest News, Information & Access To Pre-IPO Investments.

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We have access to information as it is released to the public so we can provide our members with the latest updates in the secondary market place. It is vital to be informed on funding rounds on private companies so you know where to mark your positions. Leverage our platform to learn more about private share opportunities available in the marketplace. Have the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your portfolio. 

Our Providers

Over the past 15 years we have partnered up with the best platforms, investment firms and private equity funds. We have developed a foothold in the private equtiy realm and have brought this level of access to the individual investor. We leverage our relationships to help you get access to investments you’ve never had access to before. We make sure to thoroughly vet out all of our syndicate partners in order to make sure every transaction offered is up to our standards. We look forward to using our network to helping you get access to the private shares world.

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